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The White-Western Star 4964 is a licensed truck from the game - SnowRunner.

The White-Western Star has everything you could ever want in an old school rig. Despite its age, this truck can still hold its own when compared to more off-road oriented counterparts.


The White-Western Star 4964 can best be described as the "big brother" to the FleetStar F-2070A. Both have enormous potential and when upgraded can dominate mud and harsh terrain with little problems.

The 4964 is lacking at stock due to its lack of any off-road aid making it more of a highway truck than anything else, but with proper upgrades it is a nearly unstoppable medium duty truck. With AWD and diff lock, the 4964 is more than capable of navigating through mud and snow due to its impressive engine and large tires. Its massive fuel tank and average fuel economy also make it a good choice for long range hauls.A trucking classic, the White Western Star has everything you could ever want in an old school rig. It's big, it's bulky and it comes from a simpler time when pushing out a factory's worth of carbon dioxide was no problem at all. Despite its age, this truck can still hold its own when compared to more off-road-oriented counterparts.

Overall, the 4964 handles like a larger variant of the Fleetstar. It's a bit larger overall but also has a more powerful engine.


  • Free truck.
  • Very capable truck.
  • Very Fuel efficient for its tank size.
  • Good offroad capabilities once upgraded.


  • Can be difficult to obtain with a lower powered truck.
  • Lacks power for heavy cargo and trailers.
  • Requires a lot of work to find its upgrades to make it suitable for mud.
  • In stock it has very bad ground clearance, can get stuck in small pits. Same as Azov 73210

Upgrade locations[]

  • Engageable AWD - Smithville Dam Michigan, north of the quarry on a beach next to the dam.
  • Engageable Differential lock - Island Lake Michigan, west of the lumber mill in the mountains.
  • Raised suspension - Smithville Dam Michigan, located at the end of a dirt road that begins next to the Drummond Island gateway.


  • Obtained as the reward for the Fixer Upper task in Smithville Dam.



Please note that the list is not only limited to addons listed below and will be expanded in the future.




  • Si-6V/1900
  • Si-6V/2100T
  • Westline V6 2350T


  • Balanced Gearbox


  • Stock Suspension


  • Highway
    • 43" UHD I

Diff. Lock

  • Unlocked
  • Engageable


Rear Bumper

  • Stock Wheel Fenders

Front Side

  • Straight Cap Sunvisor

Roof Top

  • Various

Front Bumper

  • Defender
  • Angled
  • Hinged
  • Heavy Duty Pipe


  • Cabin Protector


  • Wedge-cap
  • Muzzle
  • Outrolled
  • Stock


  • MD Rims 1
  • MD Rims 2
  • MD Rims 3
  • MD Rims 4
  • MD Rims 5
  • MD Rims 6
  • UD Rims 1
  • UD Rims 2
  • UD Rims 3
  • UD Rims 4