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The Western Star 49X is licensed DLC truck for SnowRunner introduced in the Western Star 49X standalone DLC released along Season 2.


The Western Star 49X is a licensed truck in SnowRunner. It is based on Western Stars newest addition to their truck lineup and was revealed in late September.

The 49X is a 8x6 severe duty semi-truck that is a juggernaut off-road. Its light weight and its unique engine option gives it a power to weight ratio of an S+. Even deep mud and water will not stop a 49X with AWD alone, often times the differential lock is not even needed in all but the deepest mud possible. Its unique Si-8V/2850Tc engine is rated at a monstrous 220,000 Ncm(1,622Ft lbs) making it the 2nd most powerful engine available to the North American truck lineup, only beaten by the "Westline V16 M2450". This enormous power with a very light weight provides an extremely fast top speed and little power loss when heavy addons like the Seismic Vibrator Module are equipped. The 49X is the 2nd truck in game to be equipped with a Lift axle. The Lift axle provides better braking, ground clearance, and traction when lowered at the cost of increased fuel consumption.

The 49X is somewhat of an oddball in its class. Though it is in the heavy class its size and weight are more comparable with similar trucks in the off-road or heavy duty class. However despite this it can still fill the role as a heavy truck for hauling super heavy loads thanks to its enormous power rating.

The 49X is equipped with a below average fuel tank with a capacity of 290L. But due to its light weight it is extremely fuel efficient and more than capable of long treks in remote regions that lack fuel stations.


  • Can be equipped with one of the most powerful engines in the game.
  • Very high power to weight ratio.
  • Can fit many types of addons including a seismic vibrator.
  • Very good fuel economy.


  • Not included in DLC packs and must be bought.
  • Lift axle tires can not be changed.
  • Long wheelbase and a dead axle can cause the truck to get stuck when attempting to climb over obstacles.
  • The lift axle itself sits fairly low to the ground when raised which can cause the vehicle to get stuck.


  • As the Western Star 49X is a truck that in real life premiered in September 2020, as a part of promotion of the truck, both Saber Interactive and SCS Software gained exclusive rights to develop the truck as a DLC for SnowRunner and American Truck Simulator, respectively. Versions for both games had started being developed before the real life model was reveal to the world.


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