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The Voron Grad is a truck from the game - SnowRunner. It is unlocked at rank 18.

Voron Grad is an elegant off-road truck featuring a lighter frame, reinforced suspension, and a fuel-efficient powertrain. It's well-suited for both urban environments and off-road transportation alike.


The Voron Grad is based on the Ural NEXT, a modern off-road truck built in the Russian federation. The Grad features a similar design though it does not appear to be as streamlined as the NEXT. The Grad's hood appears to be flatter and its grill is slightly larger. The Grad also has larger headlights a slightly different bumper design.

The Grad is the most modern Voron truck to date and appears to focus on fuel efficiency and adaptability in comparison with its older sisters. The Grad is very adaptable compared to other trucks produced by Voron thanks to its switchable diff. lock and AWD, this allows it to minimize fuel consumption on paved roads but also travel through mud.

The Grad has the largest fuel tank in its family and one of the largest in its class. Thanks to its lighter frame it has good fuel consumption which is further enhanced by its ability to toggle AWD making the Grad a superb vehicle to use for a wide variety of roles.


  • Large fuel tanks and good fuel economy.
  • Good top speed and powerful engine options.
  • Very adaptable for a variety of situations.


  • Can not use its differential lock and high gear at the same time.
  • Fuel economy decreases greatly with AWD engaged.

Upgrade locations[]

  • Raised suspension - Drowned Lands, Taymyr, located near the large swamp crossing on the main road. It is southwest of the stuck ZIKZ in the hills.
  • 17.0L Engine - Cosmodrome, Amur, located on the northwestern corner of the map, at the end of the northernmost trail.