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The Voron D-53233 is a truck from game - SnowRunner.

Behold the Voron D-53233. Featuring spacious fuel tanks (and a comparable appetite for it) and its own special short-range off-road gearbox, The D-53233 is more than able to scale mud and rough terrain.


The D-53233 is based off the Ural-4322. its grill and headlight design are noticeably different and its driver and passenger windows are also slightly redesigned.

The D-53233 is extremely unique because it has an exclusive Gearbox unique to it and the Freightliner M916A1. The Special Offroad gearbox is identical to the offroad truck gearbox but is equipped at stock with no prior requirement to locate an upgrade. This gearbox gives it the perfect combination of speed on paved roads and versatility off-road. The gearbox however comes at the cost of making the D-53233 extremely gluttonous with fuel consumption.

However despite its appetite for fuel, the D-53233 is a monster off-road. Even with heavy loads deep mud and water will not stop it when its low gears are utilized. Thanks to its always on differential lock and AWD, low gears are often not even needed on most roads.

Though it has large fuel tanks, the D-53233 as mentioned above is extremely poor on fuel consumption making long distance hauls risky if fuel stations are not nearby. However it can excel as a recovery vehicle if equipped with a fuel tank add-on, which negates the need to stop for fuel.


  • Comes stock with all terrain tires and an off-road gearbox
  • Always on AWD and Differential lock.
  • Can support numerous types of addons.
  • Available at level 1.


  • High fuel consumption.
  • Unique gearbox loses its advantage when offroad gearbox upgrades are located for other trucks.

Upgrade locations[]

  • Raised suspension - Drowned Lands Taymyr, west of the fuel station in a ravine.



  • The D-53233 license plate reads "сом" which means "Catfish" in english.