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This article covers a truck in SnowRunner; for another truck based on Ural-4320 from Spintires/MudRunner era see: C-4320

The Voron AE-4380 is a truck from SnowRunner.

An offroad military logistics truck first produced in the 70s, the Voron AE-4380 is a versatile hauler with both power and efficiency.


The Voron AE-4380 appears to be based on the Ural-4320 with some significant changes. The 4380 unlike its real world counterpart features sharper edges in the design of its grill, headlights, and cab design.

The Voron AE-4380 is the least adaptable sibling in the Voron family. Its differential lock and AWD are always on which though limits its versatility somewhat, makes it a capable truck. It is well equipped to traverse mud though it does so at a slow but steady pace making it a poor choice to use on time sensitive tasks. Like other Russian vehicles the 4380 can be equipped with wide mud tires to replace its rear duals. These tires greatly improve it off-road but limit its traction on paved roads.

The AE-4380 is equipped with a above average fuel tank size of 250L, which combined with its average fuel economy allow it to travel impressive distances without needing a refuel.


  • Available at rank 1
  • Comes stock with all terrain tires, AWD, and a Differential lock.
  • Above average fuel economy and large fuel tank.
  • One of the fastest trucks in game with the right upgrades.

Upgrade locations[]

  • Raised suspension - Rift Taymyr, located slightly northeast of the lake side depot on the shore of the lake.



  • The AE-4380's front license plate reads "МАД" which translates to "MAD" in english.