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The Valley is a map in The Valley DLC.

Points of interest[]

In The Valley, the player does not spawn in a garage, and as such must unlock one to be able to change parts on their vehicles. Two garage trailers are provided to the player at the spawn, and these can be used to unlock the first garage. Alternatively, the vehicle the player is using may have garage parts already equipped, and as such they will only need to make one trip to unlock a garage (provided they also tow the garage trailer with them).

The Valley consists mostly of forrest with muddy roads, and is broken horizontally by a river. A small town is located in the north eastern corner of the map, which contains the two lumber mills and one garage.

A C-6317 equipped with a Spare Wheel with a random amount of repair points, a Log Crane Carriage and a Medium Log Trailer always spawns to the north-east of the eastern Fuel Station. The truck has no damage and is fully fuelled, and can be driven as soon as the player discovers it or the nearby watchpoint is revealed.

A second vehicle also always spawns next to the north-western garage. This can be either a B-66, C-4320, D-538 or a K-700.


For optimum efficiency, it is ideal that the player chooses a vehicle which has the ability to equip garage parts, as this means it may spawn with the garage parts equipped and can then tow the garage trailer to a garage, unlocking it in one trip. The easiest way to complete the map is likely to travel to the eastern fuel station, where the C-6317 may be found. The lumber mills can then be filled from the south eastern log kiosk in three trips, two of which the C-6317 may equip a log crane carriage and medium log trailer, and on the third the medium log trailer may be omitted (one lumber mill can be filled with two sets of medium logs, and the other with three sets of short logs). Either the D-538 or the vehicle in which the player starts can be used as a refuelling vehicle, shuttling fuel along the east-west road adjacent to the eastern fuel station to be collected by the C-6317 as it passes by.

In order to get around the blockpost, it is easiest to turn west at the road just south of the blockpost, and navigate cross-country to the road to the south-west of the town.


The one star strategy is virtually identical to the standard strategy, aside from the added difficulty of transporting the garage parts and garage trailer to a garage with a one star vehicle. The ideal choice for this role is the C-256, however it does struggle especially when crossing the river. Much winching and patience is required. It is recommended to unlock the either garage, then to equip a garage-semitrailer and unlock the other garage. From there, the spawned-in vehicles can be used to complete the strategy as normal.