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The Tayga 6436 is a truck from the game - SnowRunner.

A 6x6 off-road heavy truck, the 6436 is similar to many Eastern Bloc trucks in that it was originally designed as an army logistical workhorse. True to its roots, this model is outfitted with an impressively reliable gearbox and powertrain and is only nominally less fuel efficient than its counterparts. This vehicle is also notable for being outfitted with a non-disengagable AWD and differential lock.


The Tayga 6436's design is based on the KrAZ-6443. A Ukrainian off-road 6x6 tractor truck. The Tayga much like the KrAZ-6443 features an extended cabin and a unique front end design where the headlights are integrated into the bumper rather then in the hood. The Tayga's bumper seems to be larger overall and its grill is angled towards the cab as opposed to the KrAZ-6443's flat grill design. The Tayga's fenders are also placed higher than the KrAZ-6443's fenders.

The Tayga 6436 has earned a reputation among Snowrunner players as one of the best off-road trucks, a reputation that is rightfully earned thanks to its reliability and performance off-road. The 6436 is capable of good speed on and off-road thanks to its powerful engine and always on differential lock. With a suspension lift and its massive 51' TMHS tires installed it can rip through mud with very little effort, often times low gears are not even needed unless maximum traction is desired. The 6436 can be equipped with a wide selection of add-ons allowing it to perform a wide variety of roles from recovery to hauling super heavy loads.

The 6436 has a above average fuel tank size of 330L, however despite being somewhat poor on fuel consumption it is still able to handle long range hauls with occasional stops for fuel.


  • One of the few trucks able to equip TMHS mud tires.
  • High torque engine and average weight give the vehicle a very good top speed.
  • Large fuel tanks give the vehicle a good range for hauls before needing a fuel stop.
  • Able to equip various add-ons including a Seismic Vibrator.
  • Can be found for free extremely early in game.


  • Performance is somewhat mediocre at stock.
  • Suspension is fairly low at stock and its suspension upgrade is extremely difficult to reach.
  • Suspension is extremely vulnerable to rocky roads.


  • One can be found in the Drowned Lands as the reward for the SOS task.


  • Raised suspension - Zimnegorsk Taymyr, located at the oil field.



  • The license plate on the 6436 reads вол meaning "Ox" in Russian.


Upgrades Visuals
  • LAZ 8 T260
  • LAZ 8 T290
  • IMZ-8 330-T
Rear Bumper
  • Stock Wheel Fenders
  • Balanced
  • Highrange
  • Offroad
Front Side
  • Chromecap Sunvisor
  • Stock
  • Raised
Roof Top
  • Cabin Air Conditioner
  • Round Beacon
  • Round Parking Lights
  • Small Parking Lights
  • Roof Fog Lights
  • Beacons and Fog Lights
  • Highway
    • 47" HMD I
    • 47" HMD II
    • 47" HMD III
    • 51" HMD I
    • 51" HMD II
    • 51" HMD III
  • Allterrain
    • 47" ATHS I
    • 47" ATMD I
    • 47" ATMD II
    • 47" ATMD III
    • 51" ATHS I
    • 51" ATMD I
    • 51" ATMD II
    • 51" ATMD III
  • Offroad
    • 47" OHD I
    • 47" OHD II
    • 47" OHD III
    • 47" OHS I
    • 51" OHS II
    • 51" OHD I
    • 51" OHD II
    • 51" OHD III
    • 51" OHS I
    • 51" OHS II
  • Mudtires
    • 47" MHS I
    • 47" MHS II
    • 47" MHS III
    • 47" TMHS I
    • 51" MHS I
    • 51" MHS II
    • 51" MHS III
    • 51" TMHS I
  • Chained
    • 47" MHS I All Chains
    • 47" OHD II All Chains
    • 51" MHS I All Chains
    • 51" OHD II All Chains
Front Bumper
  • Reinforced
  • Hinged
  • Lattice
  • Heavy Duty Pipe
  • Stock
  • Stock Medium
  • Extended Medium
  • Advanced Medium
  • High-Power Medium
  • External Horns
  • Twin Horns
Spare Wheel
  • Spare Wheel
  • Heatshielded
  • Wedge-Cap
  • Muzzle
  • Stock
  • Short Round-Cap
  • Tall Front Facing
  • Intake Air Filter
Frame Addons
  • Flatbed
  • Van Body Addon
  • Seismic Vibrator Module
  • Sideboard Bed
  • Fuel Tank
  • IM50 Loading Crane
  • Saddle High
  • Saddle Low
  • Logging Frame (Short Logs)