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The Tatra T813 is a DLC truck available in SnowRunner with the TATRA Dual Pack DLC. It's included in the year 2 pass.

The T813 is a powerful heavy truck that is capable of negotiating almost all terrain types without any problems thanks to its unique mudtires. This truck comes offroad ready at stock with it's unique mudtires, powerful engine and switchable diff lock. It's performance is similar to that of the Tatra FORCE T815-7, but it's a bit faster and shorter. However this truck is let down by it's small selection of add-ons which are only saddle high, a unique roof rack with 450 repair points and 160L of fuel and a unique Tatra sideboard bed (functions exactly as the normal sideboard bed but looks different). The fuel consumption isn't very good like many heavy Russian trucks, but it compensates for it with it's large fuel tanks of 380L + the additional 160L from the roof rack. These traits and combined with it's high stability due to it's relitively low profile make the T813 a good truck especially for beginners.

Overall the Tatra T813 is a decent heavy truck, but when the going gets really tough there are better choices out there.