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The Tatra 805 is a truck released as part of the TATRA Dual Pack DLC.

The truck has the following addons available:

  • Small sideboard bed (1x)
  • Maintainer Frame Addon, unique to this vehicle, holds 500 repair points and 2 spare wheels
  • Roof rack, 200 repair pts., 80L of fuel
  • Small fuel carrier, with color-matched paintjob, 900L capacity

Unlike most other offroad-class trucks, it cannot be equipped with the saddle high addon.

Being the smallest offroad vehicle, it is also the lightest. While this means a high top speed and responsive steering, it also produces many negatives. Without add-ons or trailers, the handling is incredibly floaty at high speeds and it struggles to gain traction in mud. Under load, even that of its small bed, the 805 becomes sluggish and the strong rear weight bias can cause it to bog down in mud.

Overall, this truck struggles to find a niche: it is difficult to handle over smooth terrain, and moves slowly (if at all) in the rough, making it a subpar recovery vehicle. It is very limited in hauling ability as well. There is a better truck on offer for almost any task it can perform.


  • Cheap to buy from the truck store.
  • Decent fuel consumption.
  • Can equip the LAZ 6 TA 240 engine, an extremely powerful engine for its weight.
  • Can equip AMHS tires and moves through mud quickly unloaded.
  • Small size and snappy steering lend good maneuverability in tight spaces.


  • Poor handling - rear end tends to come out at higher speeds.
  • Somewhat poor performance in mud, even with mudtires equipped.
  • Small fuel tank for an offroad truck.
  • Limited add-on selection - cannot equip a saddle, or a crane to complement its bed.
  • Even with the most powerful engine equipped, any load weighs the rear down significantly, negating most pros.



  • The Tatra 805 license plate reads "Mouse" when translated.

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