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TATRA TRUCKS a.s. is an licensed manufacturer and contract giver in SnowRunner, introduced for first time in TATRA Dual Pack DLC and expanded in Build & Dispatch expansion.

In the TATRA Dual Pack DLC, Tatra features two vehicles - the Tatra 805 and the Tatra T813. In the Build & Dispatch expansion, it features two more vehicles - the Tatra FORCE T815-7 and the Tatra PHOENIX. Tatra plays a major role in the Don region, it is featured as a contract giver to complete regional objective - Tatra Factory Operational, a Tatra Automobile Plant can be found on Factory Gounds map.

All trucks under Tatra brand can be bought only in Russian regions.

Vehicles based on Tatra[]

In SnowRunner[]


  • Tatra is the first licensed manufacturer from Eurasia in Snowrunner, while being the second in the series, the first being SHERP.