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The TUZ 420 "Tatarin" is a vehicle from the game - SnowRunner.

These tank-like military-grade vehicles were made available to citizens of the Eastern Bloc for remote hunting and fishing. The challenge, was to keep these vehicles fueled and it is found in Russia.


The Tatarin seems to take design inspirations from multiple vehicles. Its primary source of inspiration seems to be a BTR-80K. This is most noticeable in its overall windshield, nose, and headlight design. The design of its doors and side of the superstructure however appear to be based on a GAZ-59037A. Although when comparing both possible vehicles that inspired the Tatarin, it more closely resembles a BTR-80K.

The Tatarin handles more like a medium duty truck instead of a scout. Thanks to its Permanent differential lock and AWD it can handle almost any terrain with no problem whatsoever. Its powerful engine makes the Tatarin excel as a recovery vehicle, in fact, it's engine is unique and the engine is exclusive to this vehicle only. Its size can be problematic at times however preventing it from reaching spots accessible by other scouts. Though not able to attach trailers normally the Tatarin can be used to tow trailers using its winch. Its high torque is capable of pulling some trailers with little effort. The Tatarin's tires have the highest mud rating and one of the highest dirt ratings with an 8 in mud and 3 in dirt making them the best tire sets in the entire game.

The Tatarin has the largest fuel tank out of any scout, its size even beating the fuel tank capacity of some trucks. Despite its heavy weight and large engine, the Tatarin is surprisingly good on fuel consumption. It can also store up to 160 l of fuel on its roof rack allowing it to travel extremely far without needing a stop at fuel station.

Unlike its real world counterpart the Tatarin is not amphibious and can not attach a snorkel somewhat limiting its ability to travel through water.

Because of its rear engine layout, front end collisions at even extremely high speeds will completely bounce off the Tatarin and cause no damage to its engine whatsoever. It also seems to lack a modeled transmission and fuel tanks effectively making them immune to damage. These factors make the Tatarin extremely durable.


  • Has arguably the best offroading performance of any vehicle in the game.
  • Extremely large fuel tank and fuel efficient engine provides a extremely long operating time before refuels are needed. Its roof rack can also hold 160 l of fuel.
  • Grip rating of 8 in mud gives its massive tires the best mud rating in the game.
  • Always on differential lock and AWD let the vehicle rip through deep mud even in 5th gear.
  • Engine placement and lack of modeled fuel tanks or gearbox makes the vehicle extremely durable.
  • Engine has one of the best torque ratings in the game and its class.
  • Very stable and unlikely to flip even in extremely uneven terrain.


  • Slow on roads even with gear upgrades.
  • No option for chained tires makes it a poor choice for maps with lots of ice.
  • Cannot tow trailers.
  • Lack of snorkel makes water fording risky.
  • Its width, length and poor turning radius makes reaching some scouting areas very difficult.
  • Lack of raised suspension means it often gets stuck on boulders.



2 Tatarins can be found on 2 maps in Taymyr

  • One is located in Zimnegorsk directly west of the Garage in a forest on a hill.
  • One is located in the Rift as the reward for the Pacifist task.


  • The Tatarin's engine layout is incorrectly displayed in game. Its engine faces towards the front of the vehicle leaving no space for a transmission. In reality it should be flipped so the flywheel of the engine faces towards the driver giving a space for a transmission, much like how the GAZ-59037A is designed.
  • With a mass of 14,000 kilograms or 30,865 pounds, the Tatarin is by far the heaviest scout in the game. By comparison, the second heaviest scout, the Ford F 750, weighs a mere 6,500 kilograms or 14,330 pounds.
  • Due to the Tatarin's massive weight, it lacks a crane attachment point, as no crane in the game is powerful enough to lift it.
  • The Tatarin is tied with the Azov 64131 as the slowest vehicle in game with a top speed of just under 31 km/h or 19 miles per hour.
  • The Tatarin's name is a reference to a slavic mythological monstrosity that personified pagan forces invading Russian lands.
  • The Tatarin is 1 of 4 trucks in game to feature independent suspension on all of its axles. It shares this trait with both KOLOB trucks and the DAN 96320.
  • In the Tatarin's store image it is shown equipped with what appear to be all terrain tires instead of its unique mud tires.
  • The Tatarin's rear license plate letters read "АО" which translate to "JSC". This may be a subtle nod to JSC Kamaz which produces the engines for the Tatarin's real world counterpart.
  • The real counterpart of TUZ 420 "Tatarin" has amphibious capabilities, despite such not being present in actual game, similarly as the YAR 87 vehicle.
    • Proper amphibious system was present in Spintires - SHERP Ural Challenge DLC, which was available for two actual SHERP vehicles.
  • TUZ 420 "Tatarin" is not the first APC vehicle to appear in the series, Let's Show 2009 Demo featured exclusively Stryker - an American vehicle and an APC that eventually did not appear in final game.


Please note that the list is not only limited to addons listed below and will be expanded in future.

Upgrades Visuals

  • IMZ-12 1000T


  • Special
  • Advanced Special


  • Stock


  • Mudtires
    • 47" TO I


  • Scout Stock
  • Extended Scout
  • Advanced Scout
  • Autonomous Scout
  • High-power Scout

Frame Addons

  • Roof Rack

  • Tall Beacon
  • Double Raised Beacons
  • External Horns
  • Twin Horns
  • Shaded Sunvisor
  • Top Shaded Sunvisor

Roof Top

  • Roof Fog Lights


  • Tatarin Rims