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The TUZ 108 "Warthog" is a vehicle in the game SnowRunner. It is based on the GAZ-3308 "Sadko".

A medium-duty logistics vehicle initially designed for the Red Army. After the fall of the Soviet Union, due to the customers' changing requirements, the 108 design was fundamentally reworked, switching from a proprietary chassis to an existing base. In the end, it kept its off-road characteristics. Although discontinued on a commercial scale, this model is still known for its reliability and versatility.


The TUZ 108 "Warthog" is based on the GAZ 3308 "Sadko", a lighter duty off-road truck built in the Russian federation as a replacement for the GAZ-66. The Warthog appears to have a slightly larger hood that lacks any smooth curves. The Warthogs grill also appears to be much larger. The Warthogs turn signals and headlight positions are switched. The Warthogs front fenders are more square shaped as well and lack any curves giving them a more notable box like shape. Much like how the Sadko is essentially a modernized powertrain and body on a GAZ-66 frame, the Warthog also appears to be an updated body on a TUZ 16 "Actaeon" frame with a modern engine. The Warthog is essentially a younger brother truck to the Actaeon, both share similar add-ons and are almost exactly the same size.

The Warthog handles almost identically to the Actaeon. Unlike the latter, the Warthog can be equipped with powerful engines produced by Azov giving it more torque at the cost of increased fuel consumption. The Warthog also can be equipped with a low saddle giving it the ability to haul full size trailers making it a small yet capable hauler. its small size lets it easily navigate through tight corners and between buildings. It can however struggle at times compared to other trucks due to its relatively light weight.

The Warthog is surprisingly effective in mud and snow thanks to its extremely good power to weight ratio of S even without engine upgrades. It can easily tear through mud without using its differential lock, provided it has the proper tires. The Warthog also is equipped with a new suspension type introduced in Search and recover. The Warthog's "Active" suspension allows the driver to freely raise or lower the ride height of the truck to adapt to the terrain. This is extremely useful as it allows the Warthog to be able to drive through deep mud without the permanent disadvantage of the raised height potentially causing the vehicle to flip on its side. However when equipped with Active suspension the Warthog can not access its largest tire options, somewhat limiting its full potential.

The Warthog is equipped with a 200L fuel tank and very good fuel economy making it very effective for long distance hauling, only requiring a refuel every so often.

Overall the Warthog can be described as a heavier duty brother to the Actaeon, being able to perform the same roles but with the option to haul full size trailers. It is an extremely adaptable vehicle, it can perform a wide number of jobs from scouting, recovery, or hauling depending on what the player desires.


  • Extremely high power to weight ratio due to the vehicles light weight and engine selection.
  • Good fuel consumption and large tank size.
  • Small size makes it effective for scouting, recovery, or single slot cargo hauls.
  • Can tow heavy cargo with some effort.


  • Light weight can cause the vehicle to bounce and tip over in uneven terrain.
  • Struggles to make effective use of its low saddle.
  • Can not equip a service body and roof rack supplies at the same time.


  • Can be found in at the Imandra airport in poor condition with low fuel.


  • Raised suspension - Imandra Kola Peninsula, east of the lake near a fuel carrier trailer.
  • Active suspension - Imandra Kola Peninsula, West of the timber shipment area on the central island. It is in front of the church.



  • The Warthogs front license plate reads МЕД  which when translated means "Honey".

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