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This article covers a truck in SnowRunner; for another truck based on ZIL-164/Jiefang CA-10 from Spintires see: B-CA10

The Step 33-64 “Crocodile” is an unlicensed truck from the game SnowRunner. It's available in the Crocodile Pack and is not included in the year 2 pass.


Though it may at first be considered an ancient relic at first glance, the Step 33-64 "Crocodile" is a vehicle that surpasses initial expectations and proves itself as a dependable truck capable of facing hazardous terrain. The Crocodile is primarily based on the ZIL-164, a post WWII era soviet truck built for a variety of military applications. The Crocodile is mostly unchanged from its real world counterpart besides some minor cosmetic changes. The Crocodiles grill appears to slightly larger and wider giving the truck a wider nose design. The headlights also are larger and relocated to its fenders.

The Step is very similar to other offroad trucks of it's size, primarily the TUZ 108 "Warthog", TUZ 16 "Actaeon", ZiKZ 5368 and Tatra 805. It's reasonably small for the offroad class and supports the following add-ons:

  • A unique van body add-on with 500 repair points, 2 spare wheels and 60L of fuel
  • A small roofrack with 60L of fuel
  • A unique fuel tanker with 900L of fuel
  • A unique one slot sideboard bed with 60L of fuel
  • Saddle high and saddle low

Though the add-ons look unique, they have the same functions as the already existing add-ons available for other trucks, only having a unique appearance.

The Step is also the smallest truck in the game capable of having a high saddle, but it's not very recommended to do so. The Step is more of a hybrid between a scout and a truck like the other mentioned vehicles. It's small enough to scout but is also capable of hauling cargo, pulling truck trailers and also fulfill the task of recovery and rescue.

The Step is offroad ready from the factory, having unique all-terrain tires that are good for all surfaces, always on AWD and Diff Lock as well as a powerful engine with an S power to weight. The engine upgrades truly make this truck shine with an S+ even under heavy loads or body add-ons. However, it's fuel consumption with the best engine is rather poor at B- with an offroad gearbox, coupled with its small tank at just 150L this truck needs it's roof rack or alternatively a fuel trailer or tank add-on. Other engine options are available which maintain an S+ power to weight, but negating the subpar fuel consumption of the top engine.

Offroad performance is good even with just offroad tires. It's sometimes a little bit unstable on uneven terrain with the fuel tanker or van body, but with the 42' Tayga mudtires and caution it's rather stable. It handles mud quite well. One of it's biggest strengths is its always on diff lock which enables this truck to go through medium terrain in high gear with little to no problems. While it's tire size is very small for an offroad truck - even smaller than the Step 310E, which is already considered one of the smallest offroad trucks in the game - with it's Tayga mudtires, it still performs very well even in deep mud. Due to its high power to weight ratio, it does tend to wheelspin quite a bit. It's therefore recommended to downshift to low gears if required. It can also pull semi trailers like the ZiKZ 5368, which is a big plus, but there are better trucks for that.

Overall the Step 33-64 "Crocodile" is a fun and cute little truck. It looks quite nice and performs well, but it's nothing special. The Actaeon is better with it's active suspension, larger mudtires, ability to haul long logs, have a crane and even an autonomous winch. It's a good truck, but nothing too special if you already have one of the mentioned trucks.

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  • The Crocodile's front license plate reads "ЛЕЩ" which translates to "bream", a species of fish commonly found in Russian ponds and rivers.

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