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The International Harvester Scout 800 is a car from the game - SnowRunner.

Explore the great white wilderness of Alaska in the International Harvester Scout 800! This old dog doesn't need new tricks.

It can be found on the starting map.


The Scout 800 is a very small yet dependable vehicle that lives up to its title as a scout extremely well.

The Scout 800 has the advantage of having an always-on differential lock and switchable AWD making it perform in mud better than the CK1500. It also can be found for free early on making it a good Scout for new players.

The Scout 800 does however struggle a bit in deep mud with stock suspension and tires but with a suspension lift and all terrain or mud tires it is able to tackle almost any obstacle it faces. Though not fast it possesses enough power to get through rough terrain but it struggles when towing. The Scout 800s suspension is extremely stiff which often causes the vehicle to bounce in rough terrain which can lead to it falling on its side if driven by a careless player. Due to its high profile and relatively thin build it is very prone to falling over. a autonomous winch is a must have when using this vehicle. due to its tippy behavior it is better to keep it in alaska as it is less hilly and more centered around just tackling mud


  • Comes stock with a differential lock and AWD.
  • Surprisingly capable in deep mud with some effort.
  • Very fuel efficient.
  • Lightweight makes it very nimble.


  • Stiff suspension causes it to bounce.
  • Very top heavy when equipped with a roof rack.
  • Engine options are fairly mediocre.
  • Very tippy especially with a roof rack.


  • One can be found for free in Black River just south of the Smithville Dam gateway. It is parked in front of a house in pristine condition.


  • Raised suspension - Smithville Dam Michigan, the upgrade can be found in the bog just south of the quarry near the trail within the bog.



  • The Scout 800's license plate reads "HU5KY", it shares this license plate with the Navistar 5000-MV, International Loadstar 1700, International Paystar 5070, and Hummer H2.
  • In the Scout 800's store image and in the SnowRunner reveal trailer, it is equipped with an entirely different paint scheme than what it has in game. Its original skin resemebles a paint design used on the International Harvester Scout II Rallye editions while the final skin used in game is based on the Commanche strip design.
  • The Scout 800 is one of 2 vehicles in game that does not have its manufacturer in the vehicles in game name. Instead of being named the "International Scout 800" it is instead simply named "Scout 800". It shares this oversight with the Fleetstar F2070A.