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The SHERP N 4x4 ATV is a vehicle in Spintires. IT is from the SHERP Ural Challenge DLC.


The SHERP 4x4 ATV is an extremely unique vehicle unlike any other added in the Spintires series. Based on the real world SHERP 4x4 ATV, it is an extremely unique all terrain that features a vast array of offroad features such as a central tire inflation system using engine exhaust, custom tubeless tires, fuel tanks integrated within the rims, and an extremely efficient diesel engine.

The SHERP ATV 4x4 has some unique traits unique only to it. Unlike other vehicles the ATV uses differential steering as opposed to standard or articulating steering. This means instead of its wheels turning the ATV will apply the brakes to the left or right side of the vehicle to turn much like a tank. This allows the ATV to perform feats like full 180 degree rotations without even moving forward giving it superb handling in tight spaces. The ATV is also amphibious and can cross practically any kind of body of water with no issues whatsoever. The ATV also has a very odd differential. In game there is no differential lock option viewable in the menu implying the vehicle lacks one, but when driving in deep mud the ATV will not experience any slipping in the tires suggesting the presence of a differential lock. However as its name suggests the ATV possesses always on AWD.

The ATV does have a few minor disadvantages. Its most notable weakness is the lack of any add-ons or trailer options making it unable to deliver cargo. Its steering system at times can be problematic especially when driving on paved roads. When steering the vehicle will suffer from a great loss of speed making it difficult to maintain a consistent speed.

The ATV like many other vehicles in Spintires features the ability to modify air pressure in the tires. This lets the vehicle improve surface area of the tires which assists in rock climbing or wet terrain.