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The SHERP ARK 10x10 ATV is a vehicle in Spintires. It is from the SHERP Ural Challenge DLC.


The ARK 10x10 is a specialized variant of the SHERP 4x4 N ATV specifically built for seating passengers for offroad expeditions or in the variant in game, hauling cargo. Like its brother, it has many innovative design features like a self inflating tire system, fuel tanks integrated within each wheel, and a very fuel efficient compact diesel engine.

The ARK has a few differences compared to the 4x4 ATV. Unlike its sister that uses differential steering, the ARK uses articulating steering like the K-700. When turning its front half will move side to side to move in the desired direction while the rear end remains stationary. This steering system allows its differentials to remain locked at all times, even when steering unlike its sibling. It also uses a switchable AWD system where the rear trailer wheels will be powered by default effectively making it a RWD 10x6. Despite this it is more than capable of handling deep mud without AWD.

The ARK also possesses the ability to float and drive in water even when loaded. The ARK is also able to drain and refill the air in its tires freely to gain maximum traction in any kind of terrain. It also possesses a very unique ability to perform wheelies. This allows it easily climb steep inclines by simply raising the front end and setting it down on the desired spot instead of climbing. The ARK is able to be equipped with a log carrier and crane addon or a garage addon equipped with 3 points.

The ARK does have some major weaknesses. Its biggest weakness is its very slow turning speed and extremely poor turning radius. This makes tight turns extremely frustrating and very time consuming. It also requires 5 balance points, a trait only shared with the E-7310. One, however, is a granted spawn in The Ural Challenge map.

The ARK is equipped with a 300L fuel tank and despite its size is very fuel efficient. Caution should be used to limit time with AWD engaged as this drastically increases fuel consumption.


See also[]

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