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The Navistar 5000-MV Tractor is a licensed Pre-Order bonus DLC truck available for SnowRunner.

Expand your SnowRunner experience with the Navistar 5000-MV tractor!
This Heavy Equipment Transport Truck is a powerful hauler that was used to transport tanks and other military equipment across dangerous and uneven terrain.


The Navistar 5000-MV at first glance is an impressive truck capable of great speed, decent torque, and some capability in mud, but with further inspection a critical flaw is exposed that dooms it to being one of the worst heavy class trucks.

The 5000-MV is a bit of an oddball for a heavy class truck. While it is one of if not the fastest truck in its class, it lacks a differential lock, a weakness previously only shared by the Derry Longhorn 3194 for the heavy class. On paved roads the 5000-MV is capable of tremendous speeds and quick acceleration thanks to its AWD. It can handle light amounts of mud with a bit of effort but deep mud is where the 5000-MVs weaknesses are revealed.

The 5000-MV has some major disadvantages. Its primary weakness is the lack of a differential lock. Once caught in mud if it becomes slow enough and loses its momentum there will be little chance of it getting out without use of a winch. Its low gear does little to help and can actually make some situations worse by causing some wheels to spin and dig into mud. Its frame add-ons are also limited, only having access to a crane, low saddle, and high saddle. Also though not a major flaw, due to the vehicles lack of any exhaust modifications and its tendency to create a large amount of exhaust, the 5000-MV when driven in 3rd person can obscure the players vision due to its exhaust placement.


  • With the 2nd engine, the Navistar also gets a lot better in offroad and mud.
  • Available for free in the beginning.
  • All upgrades exclusive to this truck are available from the beginning.
  • This truck is one of the best beginner trucks when other dependable trucks are not available.


  • Consumption is high especially with the 2nd engine.
  • Lack of Diff Lock makes this truck sub-par in heavy off roading.
  • The low range gear is very weak in the stock transmission
  • Becomes very mediocre at best late in game compared to most other trucks.
  • Poor exhaust placement and large amount of exhaust smoke produced can make driving in 3rd person difficult.