Spintires Wiki

The Log Carrier Rear is a trailer available in SnowRunner that allows for the transportation of Long Logs in combination with the Log Carrier Front vehicle modification.

It can only be attached to vehicles with a Log Carrier Front, and it can be loaded automatically or manually at a logging station. The trailer must be perfectly in line behind the vehicle for logs to be loaded.

When no logs are mounted, the trailer behaves somewhat like a scout flatbed, and care should be taken when reversing because if you jack knife the trailer and continue reversing you can flip your truck. Once logs are loaded it behaves much like a semi trailer and will rotate around your truck in a similar fashion.

There is a glitch/exploit involving the log carrier; if you push/pull the log carrier out from underneath the logs, WITHOUT tipping the truck and thereby unpacking the cargo, the still-packed logs will fall to the ground. At this point the cargo can be manually unpacked and six logs - equivalent to two trailer loads - will appear.

This allows for the duplication of logs, potentially allowing a player to fulfill a large order of long logs while only having to make one trip.

Re-packing the unpacked logs will require the use of an LP-4 Log-loader crane.