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Addons are vehicle parts and trailers in Spintires and MudRunner that add can add fuel, repair points, garage points, carry logs, move logs, allow additional addons to be used, add utility or just change the physical appearance of a vehicle.  In SnowRunner, addons are divided into upgrades and visuals.

 Spintires: The Original Game exclusive Addons[]

  • Cabin Protection - Gives some protection from impacts to cabin.
  • Chained Wheels - Chains wrapped around rear wheels to improve traction offroad
  • Grabber - Hydraulic winch point that can be raised and lowered. Winch points for the K-700.

 MudRunner exclusive Addons[]

  • Loader - A large pair of jaws can can be used to load logs.. or other small things into trucks and trailers.
  • Scout Trailer - Carries 200 repair points, Carries 1 garage points (added in Old-Timers DLC)

 Addons present in both Spintires games[]

  • Crane support - Two welded bars with a V-shaped platform used to hold up a crane
  • Fireproof Exhaust - Engine exhaust system mounted under the front bumper. So if a backfire occurs, its not likely to ignite fuel cisterns or semi trailers.
  • Fuel cistern - A large tank that can carry 1400 liters of fuel.
  • Fuel semi trailer - A large tanker trailer that can hold 4200 liters of fuel. (Trailer hitch required!)
  • Fuel trailer - A small pull behind trailer that can carry 1600 liters of fuel.
  • Garage parts - A tent that carries 2 garage points.
  • Garage Semi Trailer - A big semi trailer that carries 4 garage points. (Trailer Hitch Required!)
  • Garage Trailer - A pull behind wooden house on a railroad car that carries 2 Garage points.
  • Log Carriage - A log bed that can carry 3 load points.
  • Log Carrier - A metal platform with two vertical log guiding bars on a swivel joint and a hitch for a cart.
  • Log Carrier With Crane - A metal platform with a crane and anchors along with two vertical log guiding bars on a swivel joint and a hitch for a cart.
  • Log Crane Carriage - A log bed with a crane and anchors that holds 3 load points.
  • Long Log Cart - A long cart with a T-hitch with motor and hinge in cart which allows it to fold on the back of the truck. It carries 6 load points. (Log Carrier Required!)
  • Medium Log Cart - A short cart with a ring hitch that carries 4 load points. (Log Carrier Or Log Carrier With Crane Required!)
  • Short Log Trailer - A wooden bed trailer with wooden sides with a ring hitch that carries 3 load points.
  • Spare Wheel - A spare wheel holder and box next to it up against the cabin that carries 100 or 60 repair points.
  • Trailer Hitch - A large hitch that is used to install semi trailers.
  • Utility Attachment - A large structure placed on the back of the truck which carries 600 repair points and 1 garage points.
  • Utility Semi Trailer - A large trailer that carries 1200 repair points. (Trailer Hitch Required!)
  • Utility Trailer - A large pull behind trailer that carries 600 repair points.

Addons in SnowRunner[]

In SnowRunner, addons are divided into several categories.


  • Engines: affects the power output, reliability, fuel consumption
  • Gearbox: affects top speed and gear count
  • Suspension: affects ride height and tire choice
  • Tires: affects grip, top speed, handling
  • Winch: affects winch lengths and power
  • Diff Lock: equip engageable differential lock
  • Spare Wheel: equip spare wheel
  • Snorkel: affect safe wading depth through water
  • AWD: equip engageable AWD
  • Frame Addons: allows to carry fuel, repair points, crane or trailer saddles

Frame Addons[]

Frame Addons for non-scout vehicles
Name Description Capacity Price
Heavy Crane Strong, long reach crane

Russia: Avto-23 Heavy Crane

USA: PC-320 Loading Crane

Loading Crane Compact small crane

Russia: IM50 Loading Crane

USA: LC 3.8 Loading Crane

Log-loader Crane LP-4 Log-loader crane, required to manually load logs
Flatbed Carries load 2x 4200
Sideboard Bed Carries load 2x 4900
Van Body Carries repair points 800 repair Points

6 spare wheels

Maintenance Frame Carries fuel, repair points, spare wheels 300 repair points

5 spare wheels

1400 L

Seismic Vibrator Module Required to do seismic vibrator contracts
Metal Detector Module Required to locate some mission objectives in Kola Peninsula
Fuel Tank Carries fuel 1800 L 5300
Saddle High Required to tow heavy semi-trailer FREE
Saddle Low Required to tow semi-trailers FREE
Log Carrier Front Required to tow Log Carrier Rear to carry Long Logs 6000
Ramped Towing Platform[1] Crane and can tow trucks without using the winch 4200
Articulated Towing Platform[2] Drive-on vehicle carrier flatbed for small trucks and scouts
Available only for specific vehicles:
Large Mainentance Frame Higher capacity maintenance addon

Available for the Azov 73210 and Pacific P12

Maintainer Frame Addon Small Maintenance Frame for TUZ 16 "Actaeon" 500 repair points

2 spare wheels

Small Sideboard Bed Small Sideboard Bed for TUZ 16 "Actaeon" 1x
Small Fuel Carrier Small Fuel Tank for TUZ 16 "Actaeon" 900 L
Roof rack Roof rack for the TUZ 16 "Actaeon" 500 repair points

2 spare wheels

Long Flatbed Extended flatbed for the Paystar 5600TS 3x 6000
Long Sideboard Bed Extended flatbed for the Paystar 5600TS 3x
Expanded fuel tank Large fuel tank for the Paystar 5600TS 2800 L 6600
Tatra Sideboard Bed Custom sideboard bed for the large Tatra trucks 4900
Tatra crane Heavy version of the loading crane
Tatra fuel tank Fuel tank addon for Tatra trucks 2000 L 5300
Frame Addons for Scout class vehicles
Name Description Capacity
Roof Rack Carries fuel, repair points, spare wheels 150 repair points

80 L

Small Roof Rack Carries fuel, repair points, spare wheels
Trunk Repair Supplies Carries fuel, repair points, spare wheels.

Only available for pickup body style vehicles.

Pickup Chassis Addon Trunk Repair Supplies for International Loadstar 1700
Service Cab Maintenance Frame for International Loadstar 1700
Pickup Bed Trunk Repair Supplies for Ford F 750
Custom Pickup Bed Trunk Repair Supplies for Ford F 750
Utility Mount Maintenance Frame for Ford F 750
Flatbed Small Flatbed for Ford F 750 1x
Loading Crane Compact small crane

Only available for International Loadstar 1700 and Ford F 750


  • Rear Bumper
  • Front Side: sunvisor
  • Roof Top: beacons or fog lights
  • Front Bumper: affects approach angle
  • Miscellaneous: e.g. cabin protector
  • Exhaust
  • Rims


Vehicles can be resprayed for free in a range of colours and a limited choice of liveries.

  1. Compatible with: Azov 42-40 Antarctic Azov 5319 Azov 64131 Azov 73210 Caterpillar CT680 Caterpillar CT681 Ford CLT 9000 Freightliner 114SD International Paystar 5070 International Transtar 4070A KRS 58 "Bandit" Pacific P12 Pacific P512 International Paystar 5600TS* Step 310E Voron Grad Western Star 49X White Western Star 4964 https://www.reddit.com/r/snowrunner/comments/plnczm/onetowthree_quick_list_of_which_trucks_can_fit/
  2. Compatible with: Chevrolet Kodiak C70 GMC 8000 GMC MH9500 International Fleetstar F2070A International HX 520* Royal BM17 Tatra T813 Voron AE-4380* Voron D-53233* https://www.reddit.com/r/snowrunner/comments/plnczm/onetowthree_quick_list_of_which_trucks_can_fit/