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The KHAN L04F Is a 4x4 van from the game - SnowRunner.

The KHAN L04F is a utility vehicle used by Eastern Bloc military and citizens. Having served as an emergency vehicle in the most remote parts of Soviet territory, this van continues to perform its job to this day.


The KHAN L04F is based off of the UAZ-452, a family of off road vans built in the Soviet Union. It is nearly identical to its real world counterpart with very few minor differences.

The L04F overall handles very poorly. Though it does have a permanent Differential lock and AWD, it is unfit to drive through mud due to its very small tires and under powered engine. Equipping mud tires and a suspension lift can make the L04F slightly more effective but it still is outclassed by other scouts. Due to the L04Fs low engine placement a snorkel may be needed if the player plans on tackling water with the L04F. The L04F much like the Scout 800 has extremely stiff suspension that causes it to be extremely unstable on rough terrain which when combined with its narrow wheels can result in roll overs.

The L04F does however have some advantages. It is extremely fuel efficient, even by a scouts standards and it is extremely nimble due to its short wheelbase. Furthermore the L04F is capable of easily tackling dirt roads with no problem and navigating through trees and tight corners.


  • Small size makes it useful for tight spaces and shortcuts not accessible by other trucks.
  • Handles very well in light mud and dirt and can even handle some deep mud with the help of a winch.
  • Large fuel and repair point storage via roof rack.
  • Low fuel consumption with average sized fuel tank for its class.
  • Strong winch that can be used to pull even full sized trucks.


  • Smallest tires in the game.
  • Engine is fairly under powered even when upgraded.
  • Low water fording depth.
  • Often gets stuck due to small tire size of 33

Upgrade locations[]

  • Raised suspension - Drowned Lands Taymyr, follow the main road leading to the quarry gateway, then instead of turning to drive through the mud bog, drive straight up the dirt trail, the upgrade will be on the left.
  • Kr 'Kastom' 160 engine - Northern Aegis Installation, Amur, on the left riverbank near the town in the southwest.



  • "L04F" is leetspeak for "Loaf". This is a reference to the L04Fs real life counterparts nickname. The UAZ-452 was nicknamed Loaf by Russian soldiers for its shape.