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The K-9000 Forwarder is a vehicle in MudRunner. It is from the American Wilds DLC.


The K-9000 Forwarder is a large articulated tractor with the front end having a cab and most of the drivetrain and the rear having a log bed and the rear axles.


  • Only 8X8 in American Wilds.
  • Compared to an E series, it has lower fuel consumption.
  • Built-in Small Log Carriage (3 points).
  • Its articulated steering gives it enhanced maneuverability like the K-700 and the K-8400 Skidder.
  • The pivot suspension gives it an edge in climbing slopes.

Cons []

  • It's the slowest truck in the game, even in automatic 3rd gear
  • If you are pulling a trailer, it can detach it easily if you are not looking while backing up.
  • Can only really be used as a logging truck.
  • Its low damage points for its size and no repair addons apart from the utility trailer, it can be disabled easily in a big crash.
  • Tires have low grip despite there being 8 of them so the vehicle can struggle in situations involving deep mud or water.
  • Doesn't spawn on either American Wilds Maps


  • Fuel Trailer - Fuel Capacity: 1800 liters
  • Garage Trailer - Carries 2 garage points
  • Loader - Enables Crane functionality
  • Medium Log Trailer - Carrying load: Medium Logs (4 pts)
  • Utility Trailer - Carries 600 repair points, 2 garage points