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The International Transtar 4070A is a licensed vehicle featured in SnowRunner.


A highway truck in the truest sense, the Transtar possesses good fuel economy, large tanks, a powerful engine, and impressive top speed. This comes at the cost of having no upgrades to make it suitable for off-road use. The truck appears to be based on an late 60s to early 70s model based on the turn signal placements and the headlight trim design.

The Transtar much like the Ford CLT9000 is extremely good on paved roads but due to the lack of AWD or even a differential lock, the Transtar is one of, if not the worst vehicle to take off-road in game. Its low hanging bumper gives the vehicle extremely poor clearance in rough terrain and can catch on obstacles like rocks or mud slowing the vehicle down or even damaging it. It also lacks large tire options which only further weakens this trucks potential.

With proper upgrades the Transtar is capable of reaching speeds around 49 miles per hour making it somewhat average for its size and the slowest in its class. The Transtar has a above average fuel tank capacity of 265L and is very fuel efficient on paved roads making it a good choice for runs on paved roads where mud can be avoided.

Overall the Transtar is king of paved roads but should avoid mud unless absolutely needed.

With the Phase 6 DLC Haul & Hustle the Transtar gained raised suspension and the ability to fit 42' tires which helps it greatly, but much like the Ford CLT9000 it's still not recommended to take it offroad, but at least the bumper doesn't catch the ground again.


  • Free
  • Easy to retrieve
  • Excellent on roads
  • Great fuel economy.


  • Not suitable for offroad
  • Limited upgrade availability
  • Bumper modifications can cause collisions with the ground over small bumps



  • One can be located in the bog on Smithville Dam. It is almost completely destroyed and has no fuel.
  • Can be bought from the store at level 6 for 31,900 dollars.


  • The Transtar is clearly shown to be equipped with an inline 6 cylinder diesel but during engine startup a V8 diesel is shown instead. This trait is shared with the Navistar 5000-MV and Ford CLT9000.
  • Unlike most vehicles that are available for purchase after being discovered, the Transtar can only be bought after reaching level 6 even after being discovered.


Please note that the list is not only limited to addons listed below and will be expanded in future.

  • Si-6V/1900
  • Si-6V/2100T
  • Si-6V/2380


  • Balanced
  • Highrange
  • Offroad


  • Stock


  • Highway
    • 39" UHD I
    • 39" UHD II
    • 39" UHD III
  • Allterrain
    • 39" UAD I
    • 39" UAD II
    • 39" UAD III
  • Off-road
    • 39" UOD I
    • 39" UOD II
    • 39" UOD III
  • Chained
    • 39" UAD III All Chains
    • 39" UAD III Rear Chains


  • Stock Medium
  • Extended Medium
  • Advanced Medium
  • High-Power Medium

Diff. Lock

  • Unavailable

Spare Wheel

  • Spare Wheel


  • Tall Flat Cap


  • Unavailable

Frame Addons

  • PC-320 Heavy Crane
  • Flatbed
  • Van Body Addon
  • Sideboard bed
  • Fuel Tank
  • LC 3.8 Loading Crane
  • Saddle High
  • Saddle Low