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Grizzly Creek is a map in the American Wilds DLC.

Points of Interest[]

Grizzly Creek consists of a tarmac road which loops around the perimeter of the entire map, with the majority of facilities located in the area encompassed by the road. Grizzly Creek is a scavenge map, meaning that (in hardcore mode) the player must collect randomly generated logs from the scavenge site, and does not have the ability to pick the log sizes (besides visiting a different scavenge site). 


The blockposts on Grizzly Creek mean that the player must take the western and southern sections of the tarmac road after acquiring their lumber. Overall, the map is not very hard to complete, if the player simply scavenges lumber, drives back to the road, and then loops around to the lumber mills, as the majority of the distance can be covered on tarmac.

"One Star"[]

Due to the fact that the player can get to randomly spawned vehicles without offroading, the One Star playthrough of this level is not significantly different to a normal playthrough. Some difficulty does occur however with the fact that the spawned vehicles are not ideal for mudding, and the area where the scavenge sites are located are quite swampy.

One strategy is to use the Western Star 6900XD and the Freightliner FLD120 to get two sets of medium logs, however the FLD120 has little to no offroading ability and as such must be assisted by the 6900XD. This can be done by attaching a medium log trailer and a loader to both trucks, and driving to the road near the north west watchpoint. From here, the 6900XD can retrieve the medium logs, swap trailers with the FLD120, and then retrieve a second set of medium logs. This will complete 1 lumber mill.

To use a combination of short and long logs, either of the 6900XD or the FLD120 can be used for the long logs, and the Chevrolet Bison can be used for the short logs (a C-256 or other one star truck could also be used). These can either be loaded with the loaders on the trucks themselves, or the K-8400 Skidder can do the loading (however this is often tedious and impractical).