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The Freightliner FLD120 is a vehicle in MudRunner. It is from the American Wilds DLC.


The Freightliner is the fastest on-road truck of the American Wilds expansion pack. It is very long and front-heavy. Although being a fast truck, it struggles in mud and water and lacks traction off-road. It is suggested to put weight on the rear wheels for more traction.


  • Very fast
  • High damage capacity
  • Powerful
  • Good on fuel
  • It can carry a crane.
  • It can be used as a logger for Mount Logmore, as that map’s Insta-loading Log Stations are relatively close to the road.


  • It struggles off-road
  • Very long
  • Low front bumper
  • It's difficult to control at high speed, which leads to crashes.

How to Obtain[]

This truck is locked by default, and requires 4 Progression Points to unlock. It only spawns on Grizzly Creek and Mount Logmore. It costs 2 Balance Points to deploy.



  • The FLD120 is the only truck in American Wilds that is equipped with a back up buzzer when driving in reverse.