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The Freightliner 114SD is a licensed truck from the game - SnowRunner.

Light-weight and consistent, the Freightliner 114SD is a heavy hitter when it comes to delivering large amounts of construction materials.


The Freightliner 114SD is a severe duty semi truck built to tough roads that most other trucks would turn back from.

The 114SD at stock comes with decently sized tires and a differential lock making it somewhat decent off-road. Its stock engine produces a good amount of torque allowing it to haul heavy loads off-road. Adding AWD and a suspension lift in combination with off-road tires can make it a capable off-road truck. Its rear end is very light unloaded so it can struggle for grip at times with an unloaded flatbed or a low saddle with no trailer.

The 114SD has a rather large fuel tank and decent fuel economy allowing it to travel far on a single tank and making it effective for long hauls to maps like Drummond Island or Rift.


  • Large fuel tanks and low fuel consumption
  • Can be fitted with a variety of addons.
  • Upgrades are close together and can be easily obtained.
  • Can be outfitted with a compact loading crane and bed and still tow trailers.


  • Unlocked fairly late in game at rank 20.
  • Performance is fairly mediocre. It does not excel in any aspect but it also does not struggle either.
  • Rear end can struggle to gain traction when unloaded.
  • High center of gravity and narrow footprint makes it prone to tipping over.

Upgrade locations[]

  • Raised suspension - White Valley Alaska, Directly south of the garage past the runway near a small shack.
  • Engageable AWD - White Valley Alaska, east of the start of the runway near the watchtower.



  • Before release the Freightliner 114SD was originally a highway class truck. This was likely changed due to its ability to be upgraded with AWD a trait that was previously unavailable to any highway trucks prior to Phase 1. Furthermore it is still listed as a highway truck on SnowRunners official game page on the Focus Home Interactive website.
  • The truck carries the Montana license plate ZARYA1, zarya in Russian means the glow of the sky before sunrise or after sunset. It is unclear to what the developers intended this to refer to.


Please note that the list is not only limited to add-ons listed below and will be expanded in future.


  • Si-6V/1900


  • Balanced Gearbox


  • Stock Suspension


  • 43" UHD I

Diff. Lock

  • Engageable Diff-lock


  • Flat-cap Snorkel
  • Wedged Snorkel
  • Flat-cap Snorkel

Frame Addons

  • Seismic Vibrator Module