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Explore & Expand is the second content expansion pack for SnowRunner, it includes both paid and free content. The pack is included in Year 1 Pass. It was released on November 16th, 2020.


Free Content[]

  • Modifications for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One;
  • New missions in Alaska:
    • Cargopocalypse;
    • Cargopocalypse, pt.2;
    • Far Far Away;
    • Order Master Supreme;
  • New missions in Taymyr:
    • Loud And Clear;
    • Supply And Demand;
    • Up And Running;
  • New trailer: Superheavy Semi-Trailer;
  • Truck changes:
  • Ability to pack vehicles in cargo space;
  • New customization items:
    • 8 new cabin airfreshers ("Autumn Leaf", "Green Garden", "Golden leaf", "Organic Premium", "Pine tree", "Pine Forest", "Sweet Home", "Winter Fresh");
    • 4 new cabin pendants ("Dice", "Northern coat of arms", "Knockout", "Pipe monster");
    • 16 new truck stickers ("Harsh driver", "Lucky path", "Mud monster", "Offroad warden", "Track rescue", "Route searcher", "Swamp surfer", "Wild truck", "Offroad Club 16", "King of the Hill", "Mastodon", "Men of Fair Fortune", "Topographists", "Lifters Club", "Trophy Pros", "Trophy Raiders");
    • 5 new truck hoods ("Charging Bull", "Bulldog", "Dolphin", "Striking Cobra", "Sabertooth");
  • Support for missions and regions in Map Editor.