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The E-7429 is a vehicle in MudRunner.


The E-7429 is an 8x8 vehicle added as part of The Valley DLC. Comparable to the E-7310, the E-7429 navigates most terrain with ease.


  • High ground clearance combined with high weight makes it good at crossing water
  • Amazing torque with a lower weight means it can climb hills better then the E-7310
  • It has a decent departure angle in the front
  • It has great maneuverability for its size
  • Can carry its own repair kit


  • Front bumper is flat and it doesn't slide along the ground as nicely as if it were curved.
  • A lower weight means that there is slightly less grip in the tires
  • Like the E-7310 it burns through fuel rapidly


  • Fuel Cistern - Fuel capacity: 2200 liters
  • Fuel Trailer - Fuel capacity: 1600 liters
  • Garage Semi-Trailer - Carries 4 garage points (Larger size)
  • Garage Trailer - Carries 2 garage points
  • Log Carrier - Carrying Load: Medium Logs (4 pts)
  • Medium Log Trailer - Carrying Load: Medium Logs (4 pts)
  • Short Log Trailer - Carrying Load: Short Logs (3 pts)
  • Repair Kit - Carries 100 repair points
  • Trailer Hitch - Is required to install Garage Semi-Trailer
  • Utility Trailer - Fuel capacity: 600 liters, Carries 600 repair points

How to obtain[]

It does not spawn naturally, however in The Valley it is a starting truck along with the A-969. You can unlock it as a truck for any map at 6 progression points and it costs 5 balance points to deploy.