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The E-167 is a vehicle in Spintires.


The E-167 is 6x6 vehicle for Spintires and is part of the Canyons DLC

The E-167 is based on the ZIL-E-167, a prototype off-road 6x6 designed for expeditions in some of the Soviet Union's toughest regions. Though it performed well during testing the project was scrapped and only 1 unit was ever built.

The E-167 is a massive 6x6 featuring always on AWD and diff locks, these features when combined with its large tires allow it to traverse deep mud with relatively few problems. It is also equipped with 2 steer axles as the front and rear axle with turn at the same time making it surprisingly nimble despite its large size.

The E-167 does have a few weaknesses however. Its tall height and relatively narrow tires make it very unstable on uneven terrain which can cause it to roll over. Its tires at times also seem to have poor traction which can cause poor performance in wet terrain and when climbing steep inclines. Its addon selection is fairly limited as the vehicle can only tow trailers and can not support any body addons.

The E-167 has one of the largest fuel tanks with 900L. Its light weight also makes it above average for fuel economy making it a good choice for long routes with little fuel available.

It only spawns on Canyons.


  • Very big fuel tanks
  • The best truck for crossing water
  • Has a lot of power
  • Large tires allow it to float in deep water preventing water damage.


  • Despite having large wheels, it struggles to find traction in mud and going up steep hills
  • Limited to only trailer addons
  • Easier to roll than most other trucks
  • Limited in the places it can go because it is a massive truck
  • Floating in water makes it useless in deep water.



Frame Addons[]

  • Flat Bed Trailer - A trailer for hauling Lumber
  • Garage trailer - A trailer hauling 2 garage points
  • Utility trailer - A trailer which can haul 400 repair points and 600 liters of fuel
  • Farm Trailer (Flatbed)
  • Farm Trailer (Fuel Load)
  • Farm Trailer (Repair Load)
  • Trailer 5425+d (Flatbed)
  • Trailer 5425+d (Tank)
  • Trailer 817 (Short)
  • Trailer 817 (Tank)
  • Trailer 817 (Tent)


  • Default tires - Massive trail type tires
  • Offroad wheels 2 - Massive mud and rock tires