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The D-538 is a vehicle in MudRunner.


The D-538 is an all-wheel drive tractor added as part of The Ridge DLC released on May 29th 2018.

The D-538 is an offroad tractor mainly used for logging and hauling.


  • Large tires make it easy to roll over rocks and fallen trees.
  • Able to equip crane and medium log trailer at the same time
  • Heavy weight allows it more traction in mud


  • Low front bumper can get caught on higher bits of terrain
  • No body flex makes some tasks more difficult.
  • Bad power to weight ratio means climbing inclines and hauling big loads difficult
  • Very slow steering makes high speed handling atrocious
  • A very slow vehicle due to the power to weight ratio
  • Uses slightly more fuel over the same distance when compared to something like a K-700
  • Big offroad tires combined with no suspension travel and always locked diff means it has handling issues on paved roads.


  • Fuel Canisters - Able to carry 120 liters of Fuel
  • Fuel Trailer - Able to carry 900 liters of Fuel
  • Garage Trailer - Able to carry 2 Garage Points
  • Loader - Able to load Logs onto a trailer
  • Medium Log Trailer - Able to carry Medium Logs (with The Valley DLC installed)
  • Short Log Trailer - Able to carry Short Logs
  • Spare Wheel - Able to carry 120 Repair Points
  • Utility Trailer - Able to carry 300 liters of Fuel, and 400 Repair Points

How to obtain[]

The D-538 takes 4 balance points to be used. It comes as a standard starting truck on The Ridge and spawns on most maps.