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The D-535 is a vehicle in Spintires and MudRunner.

The D-535 is the D-537's little brother, and is nearly identical to it. It is available in both Spintires and MudRunner, however cannot be selected as a starting vehicle in MudRunner.


At first glance, it is easy to mistake it for a D-537. In fact, both of them handle the same. The D-535 is the only D-type truck featured in the original Spintires. It is also featured in Mudrunner.


  • Very powerful
  • Big tires
  • Ideal rescue vehicle
  • High damage tolerance
  • Smaller dimensions than the E-7310 or the E-7429 so it can fit in tighter spaces and go up steeper hills.


  • Not fuel efficient
  • One less addon than D-537
  • Heavy
  • Can be a bit fragile if not driven carefully.

How to obtain[]


Already available in the truck selection. One spawns on Volcano and one on Flood.


Not available in the truck selection, so it depends on luck. It can spawn on any Russian map.


  • Fuel Trailer - Fuel capacity: 1600 liters
  • Garage Parts - Carries 2 garage points
  • Garage Semi-Trailer - Fuel capacity: 200 liters, Carries 4 garage points
  • Garage Trailer - Carries 2 garage points
  • Log Carriage - Carrying Load: Short Logs (3 pts)
  • Medium Log Trailer - Carrying Load: Medium Logs (4 pts)
  • Short Log Trailer - Carrying Load: Short Logs (3 pts)
  • Spare Wheel - Carries 100 repair points
  • Trailer Hitch - Is required to install: Garage Semi-Trailer, Carries 100 repair points
  • Utility Trailer - Fuel capacity: 600 liters, Carries 600 repair points