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Crossing is a map in the base game of MudRunner, featuring a large river in the center of the map, flowing west to east.

Points of Interest[]

Crossing features 4 garages, the highest count in the base game. The three log kiosks present in the level are located very close together, reducing the importance of choosing the best kiosk when collecting lumber.


The easiest way to unlock all the garages is to go in a counter-clockwise fashion from the start point, carrying a Garage Semitrailer to each one, and reequipping it upon usage (i.e.: arrive at each garage, unlock it, and then equip a new trailer). The tarmac road causes little difficulty to be encountered when navigating the blockposts, as a simple route utilising the middle connecting section of road can be used to avoid them when carrying lumber.


Using either the C-256 or the GMC DW950 as the starting vehicle, the player can haul a Garage Semitrailer in the route described above. Alternatively, the player could acquire a vehicle from a map spawn, and use that instead. The player can then use a spawned vehicle, such as the B-131 or C-4320, to haul logs to the lumber mills, loading it with the K-700 which also spawns.