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The Chevrolet NAPCO 3100 is a classic 4x4 pickup truck added in the Old-Timers DLC.


The Chevrolet NAPCO 3100 is a classic 4x4 pickup truck.


  • Cheap to deploy
  • Light weight
  • Great power-to-weight ratio
  • Very durable (survives roll overs with little damage)


  • Prone to rolling over on uneven terrain (especially with the Garage Parts added)
  • Can't carry logs (unless using the Loaded Log Cart on the Rocky Hills map, Old-Timers DLC exclusive). Despite being an American vehicle, the NAPCO doesn't require the American Wilds DLC to be purchased, just like all contents from the Old Timers DLC.
  • Doesn't spawn on any map besides Rocky Hills


  • Bumper - A bumper that covers the front grill and provides minor damage negation
  • Garage Parts - Fuel Capacity: 80 liters, Carries 1 garage points
  • Light Bar - A rack with 5 lights that provide slight ambient lighting
  • Loaded Log Cart - Preloaded log trailer that carries 2 pts of logs. (Old-Timers DLC exclusive)
  • Repair Supplies - Fuel Capacity: 20 liters, Carries 150 repair points
  • Scout Trailer - Carries 200 repair points, Carries 1 garage points
  • Spare Wheel - Carries 60 repair points