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Chevrolet Apache is a DLC vehicle currently available with the purchase of the Classico Pack, for $3.99 USD. Note that this is entirely separate from the Season Pass, and is not included.


The Apache is a licensed Chevrolet light duty truck. It appears to be based on a 1959 model in particular based on its grill design. The vehicle is a heavily modified variant and seems to be an Apache body mounted on a shortened heavy duty truck frame. In order to compensate for its extended wheelbase and larger tires, its wheel arches and bed has been extended.

The Apache is a capable scout that possesses a few odd traits that affect its performance off-road and ability to complete tasks. Although it does have a locked differential improving traction on mud, its switchable AWD is an extremely odd setup that makes the vehicle dependent on its AWD to thrive. Unlike most other vehicles in which the rear axles are powered when AWD is disengaged, the Apache's front axle is powered instead effectively making the vehicle a FWD (front wheel drive) a trait previously exclusive to the CAT 745C. Because of this glaring weakness the Apache performs extremely poorly in mud without its AWD whereas RWD trucks would perform decently in the same terrain. The Apache can perform well if its AWD is always engaged though this will lead to excessive fuel consumption. The Apache has a very poor choice of engines. Even the strongest engine will struggle to pull the heavy weight of the Apache while also limiting its speed and greatly increasing its fuel consumption.

The Apache has 2 available add-ons, both can be equipped at once and will provide 200L of fuel, 350 repair points, and 6 spare tires making the apache an excellent recovery vehicle. The Apache though looks not only capable but also suited for it, can not tow any trailers due to its lack of a trailer hitch effectively rendering it unusable for hauling. This essentially limits it to scouting and recovery.

Due to the Apache's heavy weight, poor engine selection, and reliance on AWD, it has a great thirst for fuel. Its slightly above average fuel tank size does little to balance this making it a poor choice for long range scouting tasks if add-ons are not equipped.


  • Comes stock with AWD, Differential locks, and offroad tires.
  • Sizeable fuel tank and decent fuel economy.
  • Able to carry 300 repair points, 200L of fuel, and 6 spare tires with addons.


  • Is a 6x2 with front wheel drive when AWD is disengaged.
  • Can not tow trailers.
  • Even with upgrades its engine power is relatively weak.



  • The Apache was first teased in an update trailer with its interior shown during an overview of upcoming content.
  • The Apache's license plate simply reads "APACHE" as an obvious nod to its name.
  • The Apache not being included for free for season pass holders has created a heavy backlash for Focus Interactive upon launch.
  • The Apache is one of only two six-wheeled scouts, with the other being the Yar-87.
  • It is also the first scout in the game to have Front wheel drive when AWD is disengaged. A unique trait previously exclusive to the Caterpillar 745C.
  • The Apache is the 3rd scout that lacks the capability to tow trailers. It shares this trait with the KHAN 39 Marshall and TUZ 420 "Tatarin".