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The Caterpillar CT681 is a licensed DLC truck included in the Anniversary DLC bundle released on May 18th 2021.


The CAT CT681 is very similar to it's brother the Caterpillar CT680. Both are very fast and support a lot of different body add-ons. It features a lift axle like the Derry Longhorn 3194 and the Western Star 49X. It can be lowered for better weight distribution. Like all of the previous mentioned trucks, the CT681 doesn't have a suspension lift which limits it's offroad capabilities slightly.

The CT681's engine gives it a power to weight rating of S+ which makes it very fast. It features an average fuel tank size of 260 Liters which combined with it's fuel efficient engines makes it suitable for long range hauls without the need to stop for fuel.

Overall the Caterpillar CT 681 is the newer brother to the CT680 and performs very similarly to it, with the only major difference being the lift axle.



  • Originally the truck was named CAT CT681, which was unlike in compare to other Caterpillar vehicles, short version of the brand name was changed to full one in version 14.1 Live.