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The Caterpillar 745C is a licensed truck from the game - Snowrunner.

While only able to accommodate a few frame add-ons, the Caterpillar 745C focuses on the ability to scale any terrain it encounters. No obstacle will prevent this truck's cargo from reaching its destination.


The 745C is an extremely good off-road vehicle. Thanks to its massive 71" off-road tires, differential lock, and AWD it can tackle almost any terrain with very little issues. Its massive fuel tank also allows it to travel long distances without needing a refuel. These traits make the 745C extremely effective as a recovery vehicle.

The 745C has a few unique characteristics distinguishing it from other vehicles. When AWD is disengaged its front axle will receive all the power which allows it to tackle rough terrain even without needing AWD. It also is equipped with articulating steering, meaning instead of its tires turning, the front end will move sideways in order for the vehicle to turn in the direction desired. This trait can make the vehicle difficult for beginners.

The 745C does have a few minor disadvantages. Its wide size and length can make it difficult to navigate some roads, the difficulty of which is only further worsened by its steering. Furthermore, due to its unique frame, trees and rocks will get wedged in between the truck leaving it incapacitated. It is also very limited on frame add-ons, only being able to equip a container bed and a fuel tank. As of Phase 3, it can now equip a log carrier making it a useful logging truck.


  • Large tires and high torque engines let this truck tear through mud.
  • Can be found for free
  • Large fuel tanks and fuel carrier make fuel stops rare.
  • Can transport medium logs without trailer


  • Slow top speed
  • Only has 3 add-ons
  • Can only haul cargo containers with a specialized add-on
  • Steering system is difficult to master
  • No snorkel options can limit this vehicles potential in water.




  • The 745C is the first vehicle in the game that has no visual modifications excluding tires. It also is the first vehicle in the game that can not be repainted.
  • The 745C is one of only 2 vehicles that uses a front wheel drive setup with AWD disengaged. It shares this trait with the Chevrolet Apache.
  • On the Focus Home Interactive SnowRunner game page website, the 745C is listed as being a Heavy Duty class truck instead of a Heavy.
  • In the 745C's pre-release promotional image displaying its stats, it is listed as having always on AWD instead of switchable AWD.


Please note that the list is not only limited to addons listed below and will be expanded in future.

Upgrades Visuals

  • A16V-2000
  • Westline V16 M2300
  • Westline V16 M2450


  • Special
  • Advanced Special


  • Stock Suspension


  • Mudtires
    • 71" MSH I
    • 71" MSH II
    • 71" MSH III
    • 71" MSH IV


  • Stock Heavy
  • Extended Heavy
  • Advanced Heavy
  • Twin-motor Heavy

Diff. Lock

  • Engageable

Frame Addons

  • Container Carrier
  • Fuel Carrier
  • Log Carrier (DLC)
  • Water Tank (DLC)

  • MSH Rims 1
  • MSH Rims 2
  • MSH Rims 3
  • CAT 745C Rims

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