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The C-509 is a truck that is part of the Vehicle Pack DLC for SpinTires.


The C-509 is a blue version of the B-500 with AWD. It has a V8 engine connected to a transmission and that connects to a transfer case. It has solid axles in the front and rear and has a large frame space for addons in the rear. Although it has AWD and a diff-lock and can be fitted with off-road tires, it is quite light. As a result, it will struggle more with loads compared to the 6x6 C Class trucks, especially when carrying long logs.


  • It can carry a lot of trailers.
  • Very fast on road
  • Very fuel efficient for what it is
  • The high suspension makes it good for climbing hills.
  • It can always carry a spare wheel.


  • It is lacking in mud performance compared to other trucks with AWD.
  • Not many addons relating to fuel or repair
  • The solid front axle can get caught on big rocks.
  • When loaded, the front wheels can come off the ground in certain situations.
  • It has an extremely small steering angle.

How to obtain[]

The C-509 is available from the start, in the trucks selection menu. It doesn't spawn on any map.


Frame addons[]

  • Fifth Wheel Coupling - It's required to install Cistern Semi-trailer, Garage Semi-trailer, Trailer 5245 (Flatbed), Trailer 5245 (Tent) and Utility Semi-trailer.
  • Platform - It's required to install Trailer Cart and Trailer Cart Short.
  • Spare Wheel - 150 repair points
  • Cistern Semi-trailer - Fuel capacity of 3200 liters
  • Garage Semi-trailer - 4 garage points
  • Trailer 5245 (Flatbed) - It can carry medium logs (4 load points).
  • Trailer 5245 (Tent) - 4 garage points
  • Trailer Cart - It can carry long logs (6 load points).
  • Trailer Cart Short - It can carry medium logs (4 log points).
  • Utility Semi-trailer - Fuel capacity of 900 liters and 1200 repair points


  • Default - Standard dually highway tires
  • Off-road Type 1 - Dually tires which provide better off-road perfomance