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The BOAR 45318 is a russian vehicle in Locate & Deliver DLC for SnowRunner.

A made to order off-road truck originating from Russia, BOAR is both impressively powerful and large for its class. Designed to carry specialized equipment across service roads or complete off-road environments, this model focuses entirely on performance, only leaving enough space on its frame for various kinds of saddles and other specialized equipment, leaving actual carry capacity entirely up to trailers and semi-trailers. -In game store description


The BOAR 45318 takes design elements from a pair of trucks produced by the Russian truck manufacturer TONAR. Judging by the overall size and proportions, its primary source of inspiration appears to be a TONAR 7502. The BOAR does feature some design elements from a TONAR 7501 as well. The hood, grill, and bumper design are nearly identical with only minor changes in the headlight and grill inlet design. The front fenders however seem to be based on a 7502.

The BOAR can best be described as a hybrid of an off-road class truck and heavy class truck. Its large size and power allows it to rival juggernauts like the Pacific P16 but its gearbox selection gives it great speed comparable to many off-road class vehicles.

The BOAR while not poor in performance by any means at stock, is a bit mediocre due to its lack of a differential lock. Its low ground clearance also can cause some issues with crossing some parts of terrain as the bumper will often begin to drag in mud or cause damage to the engine. However with a differential lock upgrade and suspension lift the BOAR makes great use of its full potential and will tear through most terrain with little effort.

The BOARs add on selection is a bit limited and primarily restricts it to hauling cargo with trailers but it can however equip a high saddle making it very useful for large cargo hauls. It can also equip the seismic vibrator which makes very little impact on its overall power to weight ratio making it an exceptional choice for searching for oil in Taymyr. As of a recent update it is now able to support a Van body add-on. On the PTS it was able to equip the low saddle, however, this option was removed when the Locate & Deliver DLC was released.

The BOAR has a 300L fuel tank which is average for a truck of its size. It is however sub par in fuel consumption as its fuel hungry engine choices and switchable AWD both impact its overall consumption greatly so routes should be carefully planned to ensure it can maintain a steady supply of fuel.