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The B-80 is a vehicle in


The B-80 is a 4x2 light tractor introduced with the free Vehicle Pack DLC. When it was first released, this vehicle was considered a failure by many players because it would constantly sink through mud and even while standing still on solid dirt. The exacerbated wheelspin would dig the tractor into the ground, seriously limiting its practical uses. However, the B-80 has been thoroughly reworked in the latest patches and can now be used as intended. It offers good performance off-road thanks to its always on diff-lock. It is only slightly larger than the A-469 so, if necessary, the B-80 can even serve as a scout. Nevertheless, its main role is to manually load logs onto other trucks and/or trailers, thanks to its front loader. It can also attach most of the trailers available in the game, but its very light weight will prevent it from carrying loads effectively. Like in K-8400's case, from Mudrunner, the front loader will negate most of the damage from head-on collisions. The B-80 is similar in appearance to the B-6A, from Mudrunner, but it offers slightly better performance and is more practical.


  • Very small and nimble; it can fill the role of a scout.
  • Surprisingly good off-road for a 4x2
  • Good fuel economy
  • Big damage capacity for its size
  • Good water fording capabilities for its size


  • It's narrow and top heavy, meaning it can roll over with little effort. Luckily, its rigid suspension partly negates this problem.
  • Subpar power to weight ratio
  • Unable to effectively carry trailers, especially when loaded
  • Its lack of AWD makes it struggle significantly in deep mud.

How to obtain[]

The B-80 is available from the start, in the trucks selection menu. It doesn't spawn on any map.


  • Front Loader - Hydraulic jaws used for loading logs
  • Trailer Hitch - It's required to install trailers.
  • Farm Trailer (Flatbed) - It can carry short logs, metal pipes and rice bags (2 load points each).
  • Farm Trailer (Fuel Load) - Fuel capacity of 800 liters
  • Farm Trailer (Repair Load) - 1000 repair points and 2 garage points
  • Flatbed Trailer - It can carry short logs, metal pipes and rice bags (2 load points each).
  • Garage Trailer - 2 garage points
  • Trailer 5245+d (Flatbed) - It can carry medium logs (4 load points).
  • Trailer 5245+d (Tent) - 4 garage points
  • Trailer 817 (Short) - It can carry short logs, metal pipes and rice bags (2 load points each).
  • Trailer 817 (Tank) - Fuel capacity of 1200 liters
  • Trailer 817 (Tent) - 2 garage points
  • Utility Trailer - Fuel capacity of 400 liters and 600 repair points


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