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The B-6A is a vehicle in MudRunner.

The B-6A is a small rear-wheel drive tractor which is part of The Ridge Free DLC released on May 29th, 2018


Able to attach fuel canisters (120 liters of fuel), fuel trailer (900 liters of fuel) and the utility trailer (300 liters of fuel and 400 repair points)

Useful vehicle in some situations since it allows you to keep other vehicles fueled up and repaired more efficiently than some of the other single star vehicles. However, a lack of all wheel drive causes it to struggle with deep mud and obstacles, especially when pulling a trailer.


  • Great power to weight ratio
  • High amount of torque means it can move vehicles much larger than itself
  • Small size means it can be used for some scouting
  • Diff lock always on
  • Only 1 balance point


  • Massive skinny rear tires can easily drill into mud getting the vehicle stuck if you're not careful
  • Rear wheel drive only
  • Un-powered front wheels can cause the tractor to get stuck sometimes
  • Very few add-ons
  • Recalling with a trailer attached causes the trailer to disappear.
  • Prone to flipping over if driver is not careful.

How to obtain[]

It can be deployed right from the start for 1 balance point. It spawns on Island, Seashore, Deluge, Crossing, The Valley, and The Ridge.


  • Fuel Canister - Fuel capacity: 120 liters
  • Fuel Trailer - Fuel capacity: 900 liters
  • Utility Trailer - Fuel capacity: 300 liters, Carries 400 repair points


  • In SnowRunner, a damaged B-6A as well as its parts can be found around in Taymyr region in many places.
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