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This article covers a truck from Spintires/MudRunner era; for another truck based on GAZ-66 in SnowRunner see: TUZ 16 "Actaeon"

The B-66 is a vehicle in Spintires and MudRunner.


The B-66 is a light 4x4 military style truck. It serves mainly as a utility vehicle, as it is not able to carry logs of any kind. It only had a few addons, and is best suited as a rescue/utility vehicle, or a scout vehicle. It is surprisingly capable, with an always locked differential, and all wheel drive.


  • Cheap to deploy
  • Very nimble
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Can traverse most terrain
  • Good support vehicle and can be used for scouting


  • Has very few addons
  • Lower damage points
  • Struggles on tough terrain

How to Obtain[]

The B-66 requires 3 Progression Points to unlock, and requires 2 balance points to deploy. In Mudrunner, it can spawn on any Russian map and it does so rather frequently.



  • Spare Wheel - Carries 100 repair points
  • Flat Bed - Carrying load: Short Logs (2 pts)
  • Utility Attachment - Carries 400 repair points
  • Garage Tools Cart - Carries 300 repair points, Carries 1 garage points
  • either Spare Wheel + Flatbed or Utility + Cart, can't be combined otherwise
  • Standard Tires: thin offroad
  • Availiable Tires: Offroad Type 1 (like Snowrunner Tayga Tires)

Spintires: Mudrunner []

  • Fuel Trailer - Fuel capacity: 900 liters
  • Garage Cart - Carries 1 garage points
  • Garage Utility Tent - Fuel capacity: 400 liters, Carries 200 repair points, Carries 1 garage points
  • Spare Wheel - Carries 80 repair points
  • Utility Attachment - Carries 600 repair points, Carries 1 garage points
  • Utility Trailer - Fuel capacity: 300 liters, Carries 400 repair points