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The B-133 is a 6x4 variation of the B-130, which was introduced with the Aftermath DLC. It uses petrol fuel and is nearly identical to the B-133GYa, which uses diesel and has more torque. This truck, along with its diesel counterpart, is amongst the longest vehicles in Spintires, behind the E-7310 and E-167. This particular trait allows it to carry medium logs without the use of a trailer or semi-trailer, something which is only shared with the E-7310. Another unique characteristic of the B-133 and its diesel sibling is the ability to carry 7 load points in one go, with the use of the Flatbed and Trailer 5245+d (Flatbed). They are the only trucks in the game which can do so. However, this comes at a dire cost, because the B-133 is visibly underpowered while carrying such loads and the lack of AWD only worsens the problem. Its very long length also makes the truck inadequate for narrow and twisty paths. It cannot mount a fifth wheel coupling, meaning it cannot attach semi-trailers.


  • Very fuel efficient
  • It has a good amount of addons.
  • It can carry medium logs on its long flatbed.
  • Very stable, even when loaded with medium logs
  • It has decent speed.
  • Its off-road tires are installed on the front wheels as well, not just the rear ones.


  • Very underpowered engine
  • It struggles significantly when loaded.
  • Quite bad off-road and at tackling inclines
  • Its long wheelbase and low ride height make it get stuck on road bumps rather easily.
  • Difficult to maneuver through tight turns

How to obtain[]

The B-133 is available from the start, in the trucks selection menu. It doesn't spawn on any map.


Frame addons[]

  • Cabin Dice (Accessory) - Hung dice (visual modification)
  • Custom Exhaust - Vertical exhaust (visual modification)
  • Fireproof Exhaust - While this addon is necessary on other trucks in order to install Fuel Cistern or Fuel Load, it seems to be only a visual modification in this case, as the B-133 can have the Fuel Load installed without it.
  • Flatbed - It's required to install Fuel Load and Utility Load and can carry medium logs (3 load points in this case, not the usual 4).
  • Fuel Load - Fuel capacity of 2400 liters
  • Spare Wheel - 100 repair points
  • Utility Load - 1000 repair points and 3 garage points
  • Farm Trailer (Flatbed) - It can carry short logs, metal pipes and rice bags (2 load points each).
  • Farm Trailer (Fuel Load) - Fuel capacity of 800 liters
  • Farm Trailer (Repair Load) - 1000 repair points and 2 garage points
  • Flatbed Trailer - It can carry short logs, metal pipes and rice bags (2 load points each).
  • Garage Tools Cart - 300 repair points and 1 garage point
  • Garage Trailer - 2 garage points
  • Trailer 5245+d (Flatbed) - It can carry medium logs (4 load points).
  • Trailer 5245+d (Tent) - 4 garage points
  • Trailer 817 (Short) - It can carry short logs, metal pipes and rice bags (2 load points each).
  • Trailer 817 (Tank) - Fuel capacity of 1200 liters
  • Trailer 817 (Tent) - 2 garage points
  • Utility Trailer - Fuel capacity of 400 liters and 600 repair points


  • Default - Standard dually highway tires
  • Chained wheels - Chains wrapped around the rear wheels which provide slightly better off-road performance
  • Off-road Type 2 - Single tires which provide slightly better off-road performance; they are installed on the front wheels too.