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The B-130 is a vehicle in Spintires and MudRunner.

The B-130 is a light 4x2 truck. It is one of the few vehicles not designed or equipped for offroad use, lacking AWD and Diff Lock (Mudrunner). In order to effectively drive it offroad, a heavy addon (such as the Log Carriage) should be installed on its bed to give the rear wheels more traction.


  • Cheap to deploy (Mudrunner)
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Light weight
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Variety of addons


  • No AWD
  • No Diff Lock (Mudrunner)
  • No spare wheel
  • Carries only 2 log points (4 with Trailer but not advised)
  • Can be useless if you have any better vehicle at hand.
  • Very slow in mud and water
  • Can easily get stuck even if not loaded

How to obtain[]


It's available from the start selection menu. One can be found on Plains, one on Coast, one on The River and three on The Hill.


The truck is the second vehicle featured in the tutorial mission. In singleplayer, it is unlocked from the start, costing only 1 Balance Point to deploy. It rarely spawns on the Russian maps.



  • Carriage - Carrying Load: Short Logs (2 pts)
  • Carriage trailer - Carrying Load: Short Logs (2 pts)
  • Chained Wheels - Chains wrapped around rear wheels to improve traction offroad
  • Cistern Semitrailer - Fuel capacity: 3200 liters
  • Default Wheels - Standard road tires
  • Garage Tools Cart - Carries 300 repair points, Carries 1 garage points
  • Garage Trailer - Carries 2 garage points
  • Tractor - Is required to install: Cistern Semitrailer, Utility Semitrailer
  • Utility Attachment - Fuel capacity: 400 liters, Carries 300 repair points, Carries 1 garage points
  • Utility Semitrailer - Fuel capacity: 900 liters, Carries 1200 repair points
  • Utility Trailer - Fuel capacity: 400 liters, Carries 600 repair points