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The Azov 64-131 is an 8x8 truck from the game - SnowRunner.

Dig your wheels in with the Azov 64131! If your buddy comes rolling in with this, better stay out of their way. Full AWD and Differential Lock on 8 wheels makes this one a monster.


The Azov 64-131 is a slow lumbering behemoth of a truck that despite slow speeds is extremely capable. The 64-131 is based on the KAMAZ 65228. The 64-131 however has more slits on the grill for additional air intake. It also has slightly larger headlights.

The Azov 64-131 is pretty much the best starter truck. Though it won't win any races any time soon, its always on AWD and differential lock ensure that it will reach its destination so long as there is not a deadline for time. The 64-131 possesses exceptional torque and it seems to have a low gear reduction in the differentials for maximum torque making it ideal for driving in some of the worst roads. Because of the vehicles massive height it is capable of driving in extremely deep water. The 64-131 also has a generous fuel tank size of 350L which when combined with its exceptional fuel economy make it one of the best choices for long distance runs.

The 64-131 has a few disadvantages, one of its worst being its slow speed. Its slow speed makes it a terrible choice for time trials and can be frustrating to impatient drivers. The 64-131 also has a tendency to fall over if driven carelessly due to its tall height, small tires, and narrow width, because of this caution should be used when climbing hills or driving on uneven terrain, it often gets stuck on rocky terrain.

Overall thanks to its extremely good performance off-road, availability at the beginning of the game, and relatively low price, the 64-131 is one of the best starter vehicles.


  • Tall height and snorkel placement give it extremely deep water fording depth.
  • With patience, this can be the best off-road class truck.
  • Very cheap compared to other similar trucks.
  • High traction in mud.
  • Extremely large fuel tank size of 350L.
  • Low fuel consumption even with engine upgrades.
  • Available at the beginning of the game and comes stock with all terrain tires and a snorkel.


  • Tall height makes it top heavy. Prone to tilting.
  • Poor turning radius despite using 2 front steer axles.
  • Very low top speed, short gear ratios.
  • Constantly gets stuck on rocks
  • Fixed tire size.



  • The Azov 64-131 license plate is "П050ЁС 87", "ПЁС" in Russian means "Dog".
  • The Azov 64-131 is tied with the TUZ 420 "Tatarin" as the slowest vehicle in SnowRunner with a top speed of just under 19 miles per hour.
  • The Azov 64131 was voted the number 1 fan favorite vehicle in SnowRunner.