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The Azov 53-19 "Nara" is a 8x8 truck for the game - SnowRunner.

The armored Azov 5319 8x8 truck backs down from nothing. With its heavy frame however, comes a thirsty engine.


The 53-19 "Nara" is primarily based off the Kamaz 6560M, a heavy duty military semi built in the Russian Federation. The 53-19 is nearly identical with the exception of its headlight design and the addition of an air intake for the radiator on the front of the vehicle. The passenger and driver side windows also seem to be slightly larger. There are also extra vents added on the exterior of the cab near the top which is absent on the Kamaz 6560M.

The 53-19 can best be described as a faster, less fuel efficient sibling to the Azov 64-131. The 53-19 can tackle the deepest mud with very little difficulty thanks to its always on differential lock and AWD. It also possesses impressive speed and acceleration making it a good choice to haul much needed cargo fast. Furthermore it has excellent weight distribution and large tires making it extremely stable.

The 53-19 however is limited by its small fuel tank size and unhealthy appetite for fuel making long distance runs ineffective.

Overall if short distance runs are required the 53-19 is an excellent choice but if long distance runs are needed instead, they are best left to the 64-131.


  • Fast speed and high torque let this truck rip through any kind of terrain.
  • Short height and wide tires give this truck great stability.
  • Can support a wide variety of addons.
  • Unlocked relatively early at rank 14.


  • Small fuel tank and high fuel consumption make long hauls risky.



  • In a pre-release promotional image displaying the 53-19 and its specs, it is listed as being able to hold 350L of fuel. This was likely changed prior to release to balance the vehicle.
  • The license plate on the Nara reads кит(Kit) meaning whale in Russian.
  • The Nara name is likely a reference to the Nara river in Russia. The Nara river flows to the Kama river which Azov's real life equivalent, KAMAZ is named for.