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The Alaska, USA is one of 3 (9 including current DLC) available regions in SnowRunner. The first to feature new snowy setting in the franchise. The region contains 4 different interconnected maps, those are: Pedro Bay, Mountain River, North Port and White Valley.

The harsh Alaskan wilds were always a desirable, if difficult target for many oil companies. These days, an oil tycoon by the name of “Black Bird” has laid their claim on the large deposit of the black gold hidden deep under the showy plains. Scattered with oilrigs and covered in an intricate web of petrolium lines, the region is still a constant source of new challenges for the company, and with them, employment for freelance truckers.

- In-game description


The Alaska region is based on Alaska state of the United States. It may be based around the real-life settlement of Pedro Bay, which is in southwest Alaska on the shore of Iliamna Lake. In particular, the airdrome of White Valley may be based on Pedro Bay Airport.

The region has the most usable paved roads in the game, making use of highway-class trucks a viable option for some missions. However the player will still need to venture off-road to complete many of the objectives. Some of the roads are covered with ice, and players will note that chained tires may be extremely helpful there.

In addition, some useful vehicles can be unlocked and obtained for free in Alaska, including the Hummer H2, ANK MK38 and Royal BM17.


Objectives in the region[]


  • GR Enterprise
    • Far Far Away
    • Cargopocalypse, pt.2
    • Cargopocalypse
    • Order Master Supreme
    • Timber!
    • Port Polar Base Supply
    • It's a long way to the top
    • Village Delivery
    • On The Top Of The World
    • Mountain Maze
    • Airdrome logging
    • Town Supplies
    • Valley Polar Base Research
    • Oil Barrels Delivery
  • Black Bird
    • Oil Delivery
    • Pipeline Repair
    • Mountain Delivery
    • More Parts
    • Drilling Equipment
    • Mountain Pipeline Building
    • Drill Rig Disassembly
    • From Water To The Land
    • Valley Pipeline Building
    • Drill Disassembly
    • Fire In A Barrel
    • Pipeline Construction
    • Drilling Parts Delivery
    • Floating Drill
  • Morisson Mining


  • Abandoned Supplies
  • Bags On Ice
  • Building Bridge for Steel River Township
  • Can't Go To Waste
  • Containers In The River
  • Delivery Crates for Husky Forwarding
  • Delivery Drill for Husky Forwarding
  • Delivery Pipes for Husky Forwarding
  • Drowned Hummer
  • Explore Watchtower
  • Find Radio Station
  • Lost Tube
  • Find Truck for Steel River Township
  • Fuel Order for Dyson Diesel
  • Lost Service Trailer
  • Material Order for Dyson Diesel
  • Metal Bridge
  • Oil Tank Delivery
  • Power Lines Check
  • Pluck The Stuck Truck
  • Reach Destination for Dyson Diesel
  • Repair Lumber Mill for Steel River Township
  • Resupply Cabin for Husky Forwarding
  • Rocks Fall
  • Stuck In The Mountains


  • Rally Meeting Point
  • West Mountain Conquest



  • Royal BM-17 (North Port; explore watchtower to reveal; heavily damaged and minimal fuel).
  • Hummer H2 SUT (North Port; part of task; submerged, heavily damaged and no fuel).
  • Caterpillar 745C (Mountain River; part of task; heavily damaged and partially fueled).
  • Derry Longhorn 3194 (White Valley; part of task; heavily damaged and no fuel).
  • ANK Mk38 (Pedro Bay; north-western corner of the map, not covered by watchtower; pristine and fully fueled).


  • Engines
  • High-range gearbox, Advanced Special gearbox
  • Suspension