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Aftermath is a DLC map in the game Spintires in the Aftermath DLC pack.


Aftermath takes place in a small Russian village that has been devastated by a recent flood. It features a surprising amount of paved roads and bridges but the sections of road are frequently dotted with water caused by the flood.

The map challenges players not only in its overwhelming amount of treacherous water but the limit on available vehicles that can be picked during selection with only a single 2 star vehicle being available. Other vehicles can be found during exploration but are difficult to find due to the requirement to find the numerous watchtowers.

The map requires 16 units of lumber to be delivered to assist with repairing damage caused by the flood. There is also only 1 lumber mill available and both delivery locations are far apart in difficult to reach locations.

Overall the Aftermath is an extremely challenging map for even the most seasoned players.