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This article covers a truck from Spintires/MudRunner era; for another truck based on UAZ 469 in SnowRunner see: KHAN 39 Marshall

The UAZ 469 is a light Jeep-style vehicle in Spintires and MudRunner.


The A-469 is a light 4x4 utility vehicle, and being one of the smaller vehicles in the game, is one of the best scouting cars thanks to its surprisingly good offroad capabilities.

Its fuel capacity and damage threshold are in line with other vehicles in the class, but it can only be equipped with 3 addons. It is the stock/smaller variant of the A-3151. It is best used for its intended role as a scouting vehicle, or a light logistics vehicle for repairing and refueling other vehicles in difficult-to-access areas.


  • Lightweight, as well as acceptable power-to-weight ratio and top speed.
  • Small and maneuverable, can squeeze through swaths of forest with little trouble.
  • Low fuel consumption, even in AWD.
  • No unlock necessary.
  • Very cheap to deploy.
  • An extremely economical and capable vehicle for any suitable situation, and needs no introduction to veteran Spintires and MudRunner players.


  • Can't carry logs (unless using the Loaded Log Cart on the Rocky Hills map, Old-Timers DLC exclusive).
  • Struggles in deep mud and water. Even medium-strength currents can push the vehicle away from the intended path.
  • Easily stopped by tree trunks and small rocks due to small wheels and low ground clearance.
  • Unstable at high speed.
  • Mediocre durability.
  • Extremely few addons, and the vehicle becomes top-heavy when the Trunk addon is used.

How to Obtain[]


The A-469 is already unlocked at the beginning. It is cheap to deploy, costing only one Balance Point. One spawns on Canyons and one on Aftermath.


It is the first vehicle used in the tutorial (Unless you have American Wilds then it is the Ford F-150), and is already unlocked at the start of the game. It is always pre-selected by the game for every map save for Deluge and The Valley, where the third slot is left blank and the A-969 replaces it, respectively. Costing only 1 balance point, it is one of the cheapest selectable vehicles.

It doesn't spawn in any map, so the player has to select one if they want to use it.



  • Trunk - Carries 200 repair points.


  • Scout Trailer - Carries 200 repair points. Carries 1 garage points (added with Old-Timers DLC).
  • Spare Wheel - Carries 60 repair points.
  • Trunk - Fuel capacity: 80 liters. Carries 200 repair points.