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This article covers a truck in MudRunner; for another truck based on UAZ 469 in SnowRunner see: KHAN 39 Marshall

The A-3151 is a vehicle in MudRunner


The A-3151 is a modified version of the A-469, with an aftermarket bumper, larger tires, and a blue paint job. It is very similar to the A-469 in most aspects, being a light vehicle and good on most terrain. Its best suited for scouting. Unlike what one would think, the A-3151 isn't really better then the A-469, as the tires are noticeably worse which affects its performance noticeably.


  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Maneuverable
  • Good on most terrain
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Raised height makes it less likely to be damaged when crossing deep water


  • Cannot carry logs
  • Few addons
  • Struggles in tough terrain
  • Low damage capacity
  • The larger tires make it more likely to roll over, especially when using the Trunk addon
  • The large tires sometimes cause it to struggle when going up hills.
  • The large tires do not have much grip in mud.

How to Obtain[]

It is locked at the beginning of the game and can only be used later in the game, as it requires 4 Progression Points. Costing 1 balance point, it's a good vehicle to deploy cheaply. Like the A-469, it doesn't spawn on any map.


  • Scout Trailer - Carries 200 repair points, Carries 1 garage points (added in Old-Timers DLC)
  • Spare Wheel - Carries 60 repair points
  • Trunk - Fuel capacity: 80 liters, Carries 200 repair points